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About Caribbean Coconuts

Caribbean Coconuts are collected from natural plantations along the Caribbean beaches of Nicaragua. From the beach they are loaded into small boats and start a long 2 day journey up the San Juan river to the port city of San Carlos. From there they are loaded on to our trucks and travel another 4 hours to our plant where they are sorted by size and checked for quality. Then the hair is removed to create a fine appearance before the nut is washed in an organic bath to disinfect and clean it. After they dry they are again checked for size and quality, packed in bags, weighed, sewn shut, and finally loaded into an ocean container heading to your favorite supermarket.

Caribbean Coconuts can only be purchased at approved quality markets and are shipped exclusively from Nicaragua by XAGRO S.A.  If you are a quality conscious grocery outlet and need a coconut supplier, please contact us.

We welcome the opportunity to become your Caribbean Coconut supplier.


Caribbean Coconuts are well husked, well shaped, with a very fine appearance and fairly thick meat. Each nut is hand inspected, cleaned, washed, disinfected, and allowed to dry before packing. Only Caribbean Coconuts from XAGRO S.A. come with a 100% consumer satisfaction guarantee. If a consumer is not happy with the nut they simply go to a web site,, and apply for a refund check.


Big Nuts

A coconut is not a coconut. There are different varieties and different flavors.  Caribbean Coconuts are hand selected from healthy palms where the soil conditions and the climate assure the best  tasting coconuts in the world. We then hand select each nut, not once, but two different times to assure you a large quality nut.  Read More...


Guaranteed Nuts

Because you can not see what you are buying until you de-shell it, Caribbean Coconuts offers buyers a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. Before you buy a nut you should shake it and hear water inside, no water its too old. But once you open your nut if there are any surprises simply go to and apply for a full refund. Read More...

Cocos No Coca

Caribbean Coconuts works closely with villages in very remote locations of the Country creating good paying jobs that give the locals a source of income other than the dangerous work of transporting cocaine through the jungle for the drug cartel. In these remote areas Caribbean Coconuts provides the only opportunity to earn a living. Read More...

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