Big and Beautiful


Caribbean Coconuts come from the beautiful beaches on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua. They are harvested from the trees at the right time to assure quality. If they are harvested too soon, the meat is not firm, if they are harvested too late they loose their water content and dry out. The nuts grow big along the coast because of the rich tropical climate and the variety of tree.


Caribbean Coconuts are perfect for use in recipes. Here in Nicaragua the coconut meat is used in a wide variety of baked goods from cookies, to bread, to candy. Its even used on top of fish and chicken to give it a sweet health taste. Of course coconut can also be blended and added to your favorite drink, including exotic adult drinks...


Emails us your favorite recipe or use for your Caribbean Coconut. Maybe we can start a Blog so you can share your ideas with other Caribbean Coconut fans..


Remember, those small little nuts that come from China are not Caribbean Coconuts. If your favorite grocery store does not carry our nuts, tell them that they are nuts and that they should contact us so we can ship them some fun..


Enjoy your Caribbean Coconut. Please contact us if you are looking for a coconut supplier.

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