Facts that you can verify..

There is alot of miss information floating around about coconuts so to set the record straight I decided to add this FAQ page. I only add things that I know and can prove are true. There is no order to my list, just randomly added.



Coconut Color


Lets start with this one. Many people believe that all young coconuts are green and when they are any other color they are older.. Not True.  Young coconuts can be green, yellow, gold, orangeish, and a few variants. The color depends on the variety. (there are over 80 varieties) As a coconut ages, it will eventually turn coffee brown and look dry. That is known as a mature or Dry Coconut. this happens at about 11 - 12 months on most varieties. So even a green coconut will turn brown as it ages.  Now remember we are talking about the coconut as it is hanging on the tree. (Coconut is not a tree, but we will add that FAQ later) this is the color of the Husk.



Only Green Coconuts have good Water


Not true. The flavor of the coconuts  water is determined by the age, variety and location where the coconut grew up. Most varieties are at their sweetest when the nut is 5-6 months old. That is when the sugar content is at its peak. Some varieties have more water than others and this is often the reason a water company will select one variety over the other. But remember the ground where the nut grew adds alot to the flavor.



The liquid in a Coconut is milk


Sorry, that is wrong. the liquid is water, coconut water. It is very sweet (if harvested at 5 months) and is a great energy drink, which is why it is so popular. To get Milk from a coconut, you need to shred the white meat from a mature coconut (10-12 months old) and then squeeze the milk out of the shreds. You will also squeeze out the oil doing this so you need to let it set which separates the oil from the milk.


Coconuts have 3 pores (eyes)


This is true, however, what most people do not know is that only ONE eye, called the soft eye, can be easily pierced. The other two eyes are solid and hard. If you look at a coconut from the top, looking down on the eyes, you will see there are 3 lines traveling from the bottom of the nut to the top. One line divides the coconut in half, and the other line cuts half into half.. The eye in the half by itself is the soft eye. We process thousands of coconuts, only once have I seen a coconut with 4 eyes.. A lucky charm I think..


Coconuts are nuts and grow on trees


Nope. A coconut is neither a fruit or nut. It is a drupe. And botanically speaking a coconut is a palm and not a tree.


Virgin Coconut Oil


This is a big pet peeve of mine. There is NO SUCH THING as virgin coconut oil. The term virgin is used to specify the process for Olive oil and has absolutely no meaning in the coconut world.. So those who advertise Virgin Coconut Oil are either misinformed or want you to think that you are getting something special and hope you will pay more. Now don't get me wrong. There are several ways to process coconut to get oil and some processes are more labor intensive and make a better product, like cold pressed coconut oil. But even cold pressed coconut oil is made a handful of different ways. And some use low level heat to evaporate the water.

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